Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Prima Color Brings the True Color on the Wall

“But that color does not look anything like the one on the chip!” Many painting contractors have heard a customer state that at one time or another. It’s a frustrating problem, as well as specifically typical with deep, transparent, or dazzling colors. However, you can conveniently fix it by using a tried-and-tested color palette along with the ideal basecoat whenever shade is important to your client.

Prime with grey or white or overcoat color tint?

The TOA Group is a scheme of many hues developed with input from professionals, developers, engineers, as well as specifiers. It was additionally developed with advanced technology to support more accurate shade distribution.

The typical method is to utilize a white guide or one tinted with the topcoat color. Nonetheless, about 20 percent of the colors in the system are made the most of when used over a gray-tinted basecoat. This suggestion or technology is the Shade Prime System. Utilizing a grey basecoat or primer for these shades has several benefits, including better touch-up, exceptional hide, and extra consistent color. Painters likewise conserve time and money because they can accomplish a precise color match in fewer coats. Most importantly, the system is easy to utilize since the company has removed the guesswork.

How it works.?

The TOA Group’s exclusive Color Prime System is a continuum of gray tones that begins at light grey P1, as well as slowly grows to P6 or the darkest gray. This technology is based on how color pigment scatters and takes in light.

A guide tinted to the suggested shade of grey produces the optimal equilibrium of light absorption, as well as scattering to achieve the right shade in fewer layers. By working inside the color room of the topcoat shade, the appropriate basecoat color allows the overcoat to totally and quickly develop its true shade.

Profits: You’ll accomplish true color quicker, as well as easier. And, you’ll lower the opportunities of listening to a consumer whine concerning the color on the wall not matching the color of the chip.