Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Bathroom Renovation Tips With Minimal Breakage

Here are has simple tips for those who also want to change their space, but with minimal breakage.

  1. Painting

A good coat of paint with loft color (สีลอฟท์ which is the term in Thai)can hide that dodgy bathroom color scheme. For a more timeless style, opt for more neutral colors, always on-trend. Painting can be extended to tiles and other coverings if done carefully. Ideally, the covering is made with epoxy paint, water-based or solvent, which resists the humidity of these environments.

  1. Mirrors

Essential in any bathroom and almost a law of interior design, mirrors are always pointed out as a positive factor in the environment. This is because the reflective surface attracts the eye, radiates light, and appears to magnify spaces, which is especially useful in small bathrooms.

Keep in mind that mirrors don’t have to be restricted to the dimensions of the bathroom countertop—the bigger, the better, especially if two people use the environment simultaneously. With a good frame, the mirror can renew your environment without much effort.

  1. Change Metals

A simple measure that makes all the difference. Old-fashioned designs are easily noticed by a project’s faucets, valves, and mixers. Changing metals can modernize a bathroom and even make it more sustainable. For example, aerated faucets can save up to 12% of water, and changing it is easier than it sounds. With the valve closed and a spanner’s help, it is easy to unscrew the old faucet, clean the surface, and install a new one with sealing tape. A simple DIY style repair – do it yourself, the popular ‘do it yourself’ fix that can change the look of your project a lot.

  1. Cabinets, Niches, And Design Solutions

Practicality without boredom. Good storage choices not only make the environment more organized but even more beautiful. Cabinets, niches, and shelves accommodate toiletries, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. Ideally, they should be made of materials that resist moisture and be placed in easily accessible places that do not accumulate objects or much dirt. That way, you change the entire environment with just the help of a drill. Check out some options.

  1. Stickers

One of the most versatile solutions in this guide, applying adhesives, is simple and can change the style of a bathroom or toilet very easily. Just clean the surface – tiles, cabinets, walls, etc. – and paste. It is also the ideal solution for renovating rented environments. Discover some models and see how to apply them.

  1. Lighting

Both natural and artificial, lighting is an essential factor in a bathroom. And at the same time, very easy to renew. Sunlight can be better utilized through a smarter choice of curtains and the insertion of mirrors. The artificial one can be even easier. By changing a light bulb, you can change the environment completely. In the case of bathrooms and toilets, white light is the best option. It brings an ideal clean feeling to these spaces and can make them more functional. A light directed at the mirror helps when making up or shaving, for example. The LED options below consume little energy and are installed on any electrical network: